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Why to setup a Facebook account?

Why on the earth you need to make a site about signin` up for Facebook?!

facebook account

Why do you need a Facebook account

Now you might ask me why the heck I need to know how to set up a Facebook account. Well…even thou right now millions of people already have a Facebook account, you might be the one who does not have one yet. Or just imagine my granny wants one. And she doesn’t even know how to check her text messages on her cell…so why she wants one? Because her friend has one, and she wants to see the grandkids` pictures….so she really needs one Facebook account right now!

Or she just wants to check my pictures and my pictures of me and friend at a party…who knows…

Anyway she needs one and keeps asking you how, where, what she needs to do to sign up for an account.

So I do not have to explain. But! Here is the solution: Open up this page:

Facebook account and there you go! There is a short, easy and simple guide to show how to sign up for a Facebook account.

Ok. You are done.

What else can you do on Facebook?

A lot. Whoever already has one account already knows how many different things you can do with it.

  • First of all you can connect with people who you might have not seen for ages.
  • Or you can keep in touch with some pals you are not in a very close relationship but you know them and who know maybe one day you want to talk to them for whatever reason, or just want to keep and eye on them..Lol…
  • You can check out girls and boys you might be interested in 😉
  • Easy to communicate with all of your friends at the same time .Lets say you are very happy today because you cooked your first soup or passed your exam or just today you feel as a god/goddess and you want the whole world to know it. So go ahead post a status and there you go! Everybody knows now that you are in love!
  • How about the wall?? On the wall feature you see all these but vice versa. You see what your friends are up to. They can post pictures of the weekend party disaster or they can post pictures of the newborn baby of your ex…
  • There are some cool video posts from around the word …what’s going on out there in Egypt or whatever you find from your friends.
  • Of course with little practice you can customize all these mess. Maybe you do not want to see your old school teacher’s daily posts who became Indian guru post about how to get enlightened in ten minutes just dancing old Indian folk dance 3 times a day…and so on. Just remove these posts and block them if you wish so.
  • Get links of the latest news what your friends suggest to you
  • Share links, photos, videos
  • Comment on friends links, statuses, photos and videos
  • Send private messages
  • Chat
  • And a lot more…..just check it our yourself to see

So this is just part of the waste possibilities what you can do on Facebook.

I haven’t talked about advertisement or marketing options. Or there are the fan pages or the events you can invite or attend. For you to explore it you need to sign up and experiment what is that you want to use it for.

So go ahead sign up for your personal Facebook account and see it with your own eyes.

Have fun!

Here is and easy simple guide how to set up a new Facebook account